Workshops are designed to help organizations get into a position to win Government business

Government Contracting Workshops

Our government contracting workshops are specifically designed to assist our clients in understanding all aspects of contracting with federal, state, and local agencies. Participants gain an increased awareness to the various programs, incentives, and opportunities available to small businesses. The goal of our workshops is to maximize each participant’s win potential in the bid and proposal process and to provide business development and organizational development strategies which aid in maximizing profitability. Our team’s success in contracting with the government offers our clients an advantage over their competition because we use the techniques and procedures that win!

Government Contracting Workshop Topics:

• Registration procedures (Federal, State, Local)
• Small Business preference programs (Federal/State)
• Bid types (QQ/IFB/RFP/RFQ etc.)
• Contract types (Fixed Price/Cost reimbursable)
• Capture strategies

• Legal requirements (FAR and contract clauses)
• Customer Relationship Management
• Marketing strategies
• Priming/subcontracting considerations
• Proposal strategies (Compliance, win themes & strategies)

• Proposal writing techniques
• Pricing strategies (developing cost pools, wrap rates, strategic pricing)
• Proposal management
• Contract management
• Organizational development (Accounting/HR/Legal/Logistics)